APL Shanghai To Mexico Cargo Manifest Rate Update.

- Jan 17, 2018 -


According to the report, APL will be adjusted to all goods exported from Shanghai to Mexico from January 15, 2018, and the related costs will be adjusted to: 1. The forecast shipping bill surcharge will be adjusted to USD45 every time. 2. After the shipping list is sent, the change fee standard shall be as follows: 1. After the shipping order is sent, and any information change before the ship is on the port of Mexico 48 hours before the change will be charged, the bill of change will be charged at USD45 per ticket. 2. Change of any information within 48 hours of the port of Mexico shall be charged for the change of the manifest fee of USD100 per ticket; 3. Any change in information prior to customs clearance at the port of Mexico will be charged to USD150 per ticket.——Yeslinkele.com

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